Unlock the secrets to radiant hair

Unlock the Secrets to Radiant Hair Protection and Care For The Summers

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If you can barely walk out of the cold shower and feel breezy for longer than five minutes, we feel you! It's tough enough to pick the most breathable outfit—your summer hairstyling might end with messy buns. We understand that summer haircare is not about elaborate hairstyles and trying out the hot tools but about mindful and simple choices in hair care products.



While nature's dose of sunshine is essential for the hair, excessive exposure to UV rays can lead to dryness, brittleness and colour fading. These structural changes deplete hair moisture and sheen. Similarly, coloured hair is more vulnerable to weakened protein structure and reduced elasticity. Your scalp needs ample moisturising and conditioning from specially formulated products that suit your hair type to cope with the ever-increasing temperatures of the season. NYNM notes down the best ways to protect your hair from sun damage:

Following a dedicated regimen

The warm weather calls for an upgraded regimen that will fend your hair against the sun's scorching heat. It is a prerequisite to form simple habits that go a long way. Humidity certainly does wreak havoc on even freshly washed hair. Try to dry your hair naturally or use a microfibre towel or your cotton t-shirt to dab the excess water instead of going for the hot blow on your scalp that will make you sweat. 

Using a silk or a satin pillowcase for sleeping will pamper your hair and you’ll see the wondrous effect of this little effort.

Repair and restore your dry, thirsty hair

The sun, sea salt and chlorine water dry out the hair and there may seem no way around it if you love soaking in the bright days. The damage done by summer air, however, is largely repairable. Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque revitalises dry and rough hair with the potion of flaxseed, shea butter and wondrous tamanu oils to deliver a rich hydrated shine and bring the summer-damaged hair back to life.

Give your hair a splash of Coolness

Nothing quite like the refreshing air after a cool and calming shower! The goodness of argan, jojoba, grapeseed, along with cooling elements like peppermint and tea tree promises a nippy feeling that lingers after cleansing your scalp. The Oh-So-Cool wonder is also available at NYNM in a cute travel size that you can take along for your getaways.



Protect your lustrous locks from sun damage

Along with the UV rays the several dives in the pool can distort your hair colour with chemicals like chlorine. And when you've got the perfect balayage for the summer vacation season, imagine the blonde turning brass-like and the brunette turning red! Using a natural nutrient-filled conditioner to restore the vibrancy and neutralise off-tones in between salon sessions should be a regimen you swear by. Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner is for all hair types and easy-peasy to use: just work a generous amount through wet hair after shampooing, and leave it for three minutes before rinsing out. Your hair will be left with the most incredible shine.

It's always a great idea to use a leave-in conditioner after you are out of the shower. It not only reduces frizz during summers, but also, prevents your hair from UV rays when you walk outside in the sun. It coats each hair strand with nourishing ingredients to keep your hair protect your hair. If you are still wondering whether leave-ins are worth investing in, read our blog here. 

Leave -in Conditioner for frizzy, dry hair

Give a stylish nod with a turban cap

Picture this: you're strolling along the sun-kissed beach, a gentle breeze playing with your hair, and a vibrant and intricately wrapped turban cap sits atop your head. A fabulous solution to hide greasy roots on an unwashed-hair day. One right accessory and you can find a leeway from the hair stylist session in the nick of time! The Manetain turban cap is tailored from lycra that wraps around your head comfortably whenever you're seeking cover from the sun or unruly locks.

Get sporty with fun hair accessories

Looking for the ultimate summer accessory that combines style and functionality? Look no further because baseball caps are here to score big when you're out on sunny adventures! This Curl Keeper trendy headgear option is not just for sports fans; it is the hottest must-have that promises to shield you from harmful UV rays. The next time you're short on time and your locks refuse to cooperate, give your tresses some street-style cred. 




Sweep your hair into cool hairstyles

Easy is not the byword for boring—resort to cute ponytails and messy buns when it's too hot to handle the mane. If you want to keep your hairstyle effortlessly breezy, try your hands at the less-than-10-minute wonders like topknots or bouncy high ponytails. Meticulously choosing from the many accessorising hair care products for women on the market, NYNM recommends pigtail braids under your cool bucket hats and baseball caps for an instantly cool style quotient. Your little collection of claw clips and bright satin scrunchies will also prove to be the most trusty crew for clever styling tricks. Satiny ones bring the vibe for al-fresco affairs if you're ready to sync with the comeback of the early-aughts vibe. So, you don’t just have to buy the best hair care products but also style your tresses in a covetable sense.


It's time to add a touch of flair and protection to your summer season self-care by investing in some of the best hair care products. With a sizable collection of accessories and promising products in your vanity box you'll be ready to turn heads, make a statement, and, most importantly, keep your hair fabulously stylish and protected all summer long. If you’re looking for the best destination to buy women hair care online, or for men, we offer the most coveted international products, ready to take a sweet spot in your beauty regimen!

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