12 Best Oils For Healthy Hair Growth & Thickness

12 Best Oils For Healthy Hair Growth & Thickness

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Can Hair Oils Help In Hair Growth? : A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Hair Oils

In the enchanting world of hair care, finding the ideal hair oil is akin to discovering a precious gem – it enhances your hair's natural beauty and restores its vitality. Every woman has spent a considerable amount of time browsing through hundreds of essential hair oils for hair growth, trying to pick the best combination of ingredients. While conditioners and serums help with hydrating the hair shaft, hair oil penetrates deeper, locks in moisture to prevent breakage and frizz while nourishing the scalp to promote healthier growth from the root. 

Our hair’s natural oils - sebum - play a crucial role in moisturising the hair and protecting it from daily damage, but sometimes overwashing, heat and chemical exposure can strip the natural goodness off. That’s where hair oils swoop in to save the day! The application of hair-specific oils serves a dual purpose: ensuring the scalp and hair follicles remain healthy and inflammation-free, while also strengthening the hair shafts and promoting overall hair growth. These oils play a significant role in restoring lost moisture and softening the hair, a key indicator of its health. Regularly applying hair-specific oils can soften the hair by sealing the gaps between cuticle cells. Looking for oils with natural ingredients is imperative to regain the lustre in your locks, especially for Indian hair!

How Do You Pick the Best Hair Oil For Yourself?

Our grandmothers, the original haircare experts, always suggest that incorporating hair oil into your routine can work wonders by replenishing your hair’s moisture and nourishing both your hair and scalp! When on the hunt for the perfect hair oil, there are a few key considerations passed down through generations:

  • Ingredients:

    Different hair oils contain varied ingredients, each offering unique solutions. Nature’s bounty offers a plethora of ingredients, each with its unique virtues. For instance, almond and argan oils act as antioxidants, guarding against UV damage. Rosemary oil and onion oil, on the other hand, is known to stimulate hair growth. Explore the goodness of coconut oil, rich in fatty acids that deeply moisturise and strengthen hair strands. Argan oil, sourced from the Moroccan argan tree, is abundant in antioxidants, imparting a brilliant shine and taming frizz. Jojoba oil, closely mirroring the skin's natural oils, is a superb choice for balancing oil production in both the scalp and hair. When choosing a hair oil, dive into the ingredients list and seek out natural wonders that align with your hair's needs.

  • Purpose:

    Every individual's hair has its own story, and your hair oil choice should align with your specific goals. Hair oils serve different purposes, from regulating scalp oil production to restoring moisture in hair damaged by chemical treatments, intense styling, or heat exposure. Some oils, like jojoba and rosemary oil are light enough to add moisture to protective hairstyles and dryer climates. For people struggling with damaged hair, oils rich in vitamins and minerals such as grapeseed and almond oil prevents breakage, and works on additional concerns such as dandruff and excessive hair fall. If you desire stronger, healthier hair, oils infused with castor or rosemary can stimulate hair follicles and encourage growth. For those battling frizz and seeking smoothness, oils enriched with lavender or argan can be your allies. 


  • Hair Texture:

    Hair texture plays a significant role in determining which oils work best! Lighter oils like jojoba oil are suitable for fine, thin hair, while thicker and curlier hair types benefit from heavier options such as castor oil to lock in moisture. Regardless of your hair type, it’s advisable to start with a few drops per application and adjust the quantity as needed for optimal results. For our curly girlies, opting for a more moisturising and hydrating oil such as castor, coconut or argan oil will enhance those beautiful ringlets and keep the scalp rejuvenated. Respect your hair’s unique texture and let it guide your choice towards oils that enhance its inherent beauty.

The 12 Best Hair Oil That Help Promote Hair Growth

In the tapestry of hair care, choosing the best hair oil is an art of intention, guided by the wisdom of ingredients, the understanding of hair texture, and the purpose it serves. Embrace the natural harmony, respecting the uniqueness of your hair, and let your choice of hair oil be a celebration of your hair's journey towards perfection. With NYNM’s knowledge of ingredients, we hope you unlock the secrets to your hair’s ultimate beauty, one drop at a time.


  1. Rosemary Oil: Stimulates hair follicles, improving circulation and promoting hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, keeping the scalp healthy. It’s the most sought after ingredient in terms of hair growth, and is an essential add to your care routine! Our Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil is a nutrient-rich, intensive formula meant to help you address your hair concerns. From nourishing hair follicles, smoothing split ends and help with dry scalp, this hair oil uses natural, organic ingredients and essential oils to provide the care your hair deserves. Use it on protective styles, including braids and weaves, and enjoy its fresh, invigorating scent during your next hot oil treatment!

  2. Coconut Oil: Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil deeply moisturise the hair, preventing protein loss and promoting hair growth. Righteous Roots - RX Oil, a hair rejuvenating growth serum with essential oils like argan and castor, featuring both anti-frizz and detangling properties, blended to transform your hair into the best that it can be. Jessicurl - Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil is a lovely blend of oils, herbs and essential oils, with the base being coconut oil. Each ingredient is known for its hair growth properties, hydrating qualities and relieving stress with the help of peppermint and eucalyptus. Coconut oil has many benefits, including protecting against heat damage and repairing damaged and broken hair. Using it regularly also helps prevent hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. Coconut oil improves the look of hair by helping it retain moisture and adding a beautiful, healthy shine. 

  3. Castor Oil: Contains ricinoleic acid, which improves blood circulation to the scalp, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Righteous Roots - RX Oil , Tropic Isle Living - Strong Roots Red Pimento - Hair Growth Oil, Tropic Isle Living - Jamaican Black Castor Oil are some of the bestsellers when it comes to hair growth. We have had our customers tell us how much of a tremendous change these products have made on their hair growth journey! Castor oil rids the hair of parasites and toxins that damage hair and slow growth. It is also a great moisture sealant for skin and hair. Hydration, shine and bounce, everything is ensured with castor oil. 

  4. Argan Oil: Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, argan oil nourishes hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and adding shine to your luscious locks! - Juicy Chemistry - Marula, Argan & Lavender Hair Oil and Xo Curls Cold-Pressed Organic Argan Oil are great additions for the well-being of your hair. Along with preventing hair loss and breakage, argan oil also repairs split ends, helps regulate the scalp’s natural oils and acts as a conditioner. 

  5. Jojoba Oil: Similar to the natural sebum produced by the scalp, jojoba oil moisturises hair follicles, strengthens hair, and promotes growth. Juicy Chemistry - Sacha Inchi, Lemon & Peppermint Organic Hair Oil and Curls - Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil have extracts of jojoba seed oil that help your hair. These sweet-scented hair oils bring together a bouquet of essential oils such as sage, cedarwood, bergamot, peppermint, and rosemary along with jojoba and Vitamin E. Use this magical elixir on your tresses and watch them undergo a Rapunzel-like transformation!

  6. Almond Oil: Rich in vitamins E and D, proteins, and minerals, almond oil strengthens hair, prevents breakage, and provides essential nutrients to hair follicles. It contains fatty acids and antioxidants, along with magnesium, which reduces hair breakage and helps it grow efficiently. Almond Oil is ideal for dry and damaged hair, dandruff-prone hair and those with slow-growing hair or hair loss issues. Vilvah - Cold Pressed Almond Oil and Cachos Brazil - High Porosity Hair & Scalp Elixir are a must have in your hair care routine. 

  7. Lavender Oil: Increases the number of hair follicles, deepening hair roots, promoting hair growth, and reducing stress-related hair loss. Juicy Chemistry - Marula, Argan & Lavender Hair Oil is known to restore hair thickness, fullness and density and stimulate healthy growth. One of our best sellers, Curlsmith - Full Lengths Density Elixir is especially loaded with essential oils like lavender, which is an is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic agent which balances the scalp’s natural oil production

  8. Peppermint Oil: Improves blood circulation to hair follicles, encourages hair growth, and balances the scalp's oil production. We have a few great options in store for you - Juicy Chemistry - Sacha Inchi, Lemon & Peppermint Organic Hair Oil, Righteous Roots - RX Oil, and Jessicurl - Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil. These products have worked wonders for us, and we’re sure they will restore the growth and vitality for your locks too!

  9. Grapeseed Oil: Contains antioxidants, vitamins E and C, and linoleic acid, promoting hair growth, strengthening hair strands, and reducing dandruff. Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil and Fix My Curls - Scalp & Strands Elixir Hair Oil - powerful products that ensure you have a head full of bouncy curls. These intensive hair oils are enriched with indulgent all-natural ingredients, like rapeseed oil, vitamin E, and onion extract, to moisturise your hair cuticles, mend dryness, combat frizz, and strengthen your roots – leaving you with lustrous, strong curls. Create a powerful, non-toxic hair care routine by following up with our CG-approved ingredients!

  10. Onion Oil : Earth Rhythm Onion & Biotin Nourishing Hair Oil and The Tribe Concepts Onion Hair Growth Oil  stimulate your scalp to improve blood circulation resulting in boosting hair growth and controlling hair fall. ​Onion Oil rich in sulphur prevents breakage, split ends, and thinning of hair. It also maintains the regular pH of the hair while preventing premature greying. It increases the blood supply to hair follicles that in turn improves hair growth. and prevents hair loss. Why wouldn't we want this to be a staple for our hair care process!

  11. Olive Oil : adds softness and strength to your hair by preserving moisture. It improves the circulation of blood in your scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. The olive oil reduces breakage and prevents dryness and even helps it grow much stronger. Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil and Curlsmith - Bonding Oil are two beautiful products that ensure your locks become even more lustrous in no time!

  12. Tea Tree Oil: as antimicrobial properties, keeping the scalp healthy, promoting hair growth, and preventing dandruff. Curlsmith - Full Lengths Density Elixir continues to be a bestseller, and a popular option for people seeking to increase hair growth. Aside from taking care of your scalp, tea tree oil can unclog the pores on your scalp and allow thicker, healthier hair to grow.



Should you use hair oil if you have oily hair?

Those with oily hair can still benefit from using hair oil — it can balance the scalp and prevent your hair from being too oily — though how you use it may look different from someone with dry hair. Oily hair can also arise from drying shampoos that cause the scalp to compensate for the loss of oil by producing more natural oils.

Also, choosing lightweight oils like jojoba oil, which function like our scalp’s natural oils instead of richer oils like coconut or castor oil that can make the hair very oily are excellent resorts for people with fine hair.

How often can you use hair oil?

NYNM recommends using hair oil after every wash, ideally once or twice a week. Hair oil is efficient when applied on both wet and dry hair. Keeping it on for an hour or two is enough for the scalp to soak in the nutrients, However, for those who find their scalp to be on the oilier side, applying hair oil every other week is advisable. Using oil everyday can cause the build up on your hair and scalp. It can also make your hair appear dirty faster than it ordinarily would, since oil makes it easier for dirt and daily grime to stick onto the hair.


How do you apply hair oil?

A trusted way to apply oil is using the traditional scalp massage. Using your fingertips to spread oil across your scalp, and working in circular movements to cover all areas is a good beginning point. Try to massage your scalp using your fingertips for at least 5 minutes at a time, several times a day. Scalp massages with essential oils, accompanied with massagers, improves the strength of the cuticles. Massaging your hair while showering is an alternate option to get the blood circulation flowing. According to research, scalp massage increases hair thickness by stretching the cells of hair follicles. This, in turn, stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair. It’s also thought that a scalp massage may help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, thereby encouraging hair growth.

Alternatively, the hot oil treatment is a great method for deep conditioning. Along with increased hair strength, it promotes hair growth and works to decrease dandruff and dry hair. By sealing the hair cuticle, the oil may help protect your hair from damage. 

A popular concern with people with curly hair seems to be softening their locks after their hair care ritual. Its best to use any lightweight oil to “Scrunch-out-the-crunch” in order to release the crunchy cast and soften the hair after the products have settled in. SOTC a key part of any curly hair routine in order to reduce frizz, create more definition, have a longer lasting style, and have softer curls!


What are the benefits of hair oil?

Hair oil is important for several reasons as it provides a range of benefits for the health and appearance of your hair and scalp:

  1. Deep Conditioning: Hair oils, especially natural ones like coconut, olive, or argan oil, are excellent natural conditioners. They penetrate the hair shaft, providing deep nourishment and making your hair softer and more manageable. This means we can bid adieu to these stubborn tangles and frizzy hair days, finally!
  2. Moisture Retention: Hair oils help seal moisture in your hair strands, preventing them from becoming dry and brittle. This is especially crucial for individuals with naturally dry hair or those living in environments with low humidity. For curly textures, oils can help ensure your entire hair strand is receiving adequate moisture, from scalp to ends. Although curly hair has porous properties, it has the tendency to be dry since the natural oils that the body produces may not always trickle down through the strands as easily as it would be the case for straighter and looser hair textures.
  3. Scalp Health: A well-moisturised scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Massaging hair oil into your scalp can improve blood circulation, reduce dryness, and prevent issues like dandruff and itchiness. If your scalp is experiencing inflammation, whether it be from eczema or psoriasis, anti-inflammatory oils like olive and argan oil can do wonders. Tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is soothing on the scalp as well. 
  4. Preventing Hair Damage: Hair oils act as a protective barrier, reducing the damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. They also help minimise damage from styling tools like straighteners and curling irons.
  5. Strengthening Hair: Certain oils, such as castor oil, are rich in nutrients that can strengthen the hair shaft, reducing breakage and split ends. Regular use of hair oil can contribute to stronger, more resilient hair.
  6. Promoting Hair Growth: Some hair oils contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that promote hair growth. They can stimulate hair follicles, encouraging the growth of new, healthy strands.
  7. Improving Hair Texture: Hair oils can add shine and improve the overall texture of your hair. They can make your hair smoother, more manageable, and less prone to frizz.
  8. Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Massaging hair oil into your scalp can be a relaxing experience. It can reduce stress, promote relaxation, and provide a sense of well-being, which indirectly contributes to healthy hair growth.


Now we can for sure say that using hair oil is important because it provides essential nutrients, improves hair texture, prevents damage, and promotes overall hair and scalp health. Regular and appropriate use of hair oil can significantly enhance the beauty and vitality of your hair. If you have beautiful ringlets, or beachy waves, let your hair reflect its health with these essential oils.

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