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Hair Wash & Shampoos

Hair Wash & Shampoos

Shampoo is usually made with harsh detergents. These detergents provide the bubbly lather that we all love, but they also have a tendency to strip the hair of its natural oils. sebum, your hairs natural conditioner and protectant, is essential to maintaining a healthy head of hair. too much sebum will give you greasy hair, and too little will leave your hair dry and brittle. either extreme can wreak havoc on your scalp causing irritation and dandruff.

Ingredients in commercial shampoos have been proven to reduce the size of hair follicles, irritate and disrupt oil glands and dry out the scalp, which ultimately can result in hair loss. 

When choosing your hair care products you should try to avoid products containing the following ingredients;

  1. Sulfates
    Sulfates are strong chemical detergents (also found in kitchen degreasers like dishwasher soap) that give shampoo that foamy quality, but they can cause scalp irritation, redness, and itching.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol
    The petroleum-derived substance cleans and dissolves oils, but it's also found in antifreeze, wood finish, and shellac. Alcohol is also extremely drying and strips hair of moisture, which can lead to hair damage and loss.
  3. Formaldehyde
    The chemical preservative kills bacteria, but it's also a known carcinogen that irritates the eyes and respiratory system and can cause skin inflammation.
  4. propylene glycol
    The detergent helps cleaning ingredients penetrate hair, but it also breaks down healthy-hair proteins and irritates sensitive skin and eyes.

The ingredients found in natural shampoo are gentler on your hair and scalp, and you will notice that there is no residue left over after you rinse. When you make the change to a natural shampoo, your scalp and hair will feel the difference. Natural ingredients also promote new hair growth.

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