Rewards Club

Naturally You & Me Rewards Club

We believe that every customer deserves that something extra, that something special, that something which is called HAPPINESS

So welcome to the Naturally You & Me Rewards Club where you collect HAPPINESS

What is the Reward Program

Naturally You & Me rewards Program gets you Happiness Points in many ways. You can redeem your happiness points for discounts on your purchases. With enough points in your kitty, you can even make an entire purchase for free.

How to enroll?

Just signup with Naturally You & Me and you become a reward club member. There is no fee for this. You can access this either on the top right corner of our website - Create an Account or the bottom right corner - Reward Program

How to earn Happiness Points?

You need to signup as a customer & Sign in to your Account before any purchase to start earning Happiness Points

Happiness Points are earned when you signup, follow us on Instagram, every time you make a purchase and when you refer a friend who makes a purchase (Successful Referral). The points are credited automatically when you complete any of the below transactions

  • Signup - 500 Happiness Points
  • Follow on Instagram - 300 Happiness Points
    • In the reward program section, click on 'Earn more Happiness points' & hit follow button against the Instagram Option
  • Purchase - 1 Happiness point for every rupee spent
  • Successful Referral - 1000 Happiness Points (Read below for how to refer)
    • Copy your referral code and send it to your friends or simply share the code over e-mail or Facebook. Once your friends make a purchase, you get 1500 Happiness Points 
    • But that's not all, your referral code allows your friends to a 10% discount code for their purchase and they too earn the Happiness Points on that purchase. There by creating a little more happiness all around !!

How to Redeem Happiness Points?

You need minimum 1000 Happiness points to start redeeming them for discounts.

  • 1000 Happiness Points - Rs. 100 Discount Code
  • 2500 Happiness Points - Rs. 250 Discount Code
  • 5000 Happiness Points - Rs. 500 Discount Code
  • 10000 Happiness Points - Rs. 1000 Discount Code
  • 15000 Happiness Points - Rs. 1500 Discount Code
  • 20000 Happiness Points - Rs. 2000 Discount Code
  • 50000 Happiness Points - Rs. 5000 Discount Code

The discount codes become available depending on the number of points you have in your account. Click on Redeem to access the discount code

**Once you have clicked Redeem, the points are deducted and cannot be credited back. So please make sure you copy the code post clicking Redeem and use it later on the checkout page. The reward points cannot be exchanged for Cash.

You can simply copy the discount code that you want to use and paste it in the discount code section on the checkout page before making the payment. The corresponding discount value would be applied to your purchase amount


Refer to the below video to know how to redeem happiness points and use them during your purchase.


Lets create more Happiness !!