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Why you should invest in leave-in conditioners!

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Cold winds, pollution, smog, and plummeting temperatures that can be super unkind to your hair. While there are a variety of shampoos and conditioners available to help mitigate the damage caused, they might not be enough. This is where a leave-in conditioner comes to your rescue. 

Essentially, a leave-in conditioner is a hair care product that is applied to wet hair after a wash and stays there till the next wash. It conditions every strand to ensure that it has enough moisture and softness for regular use, or even for styling. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in leave-in conditioners!

The best remedy for dry, frizzy hair

Sick and tired of dry, frizzy hair that gets even more unmanageable during winters? Leave-in conditioners are here to save the day! Frizziness is a common condition that several women face when it comes to their hair. It is caused due to lack of moisture or insufficient moisture . Frizz can get worse by several other factors such as excessive heat, humidity, damage, and overwashing your hair.Adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen can be life-altering. This is because the rich and nourishing conditioner locks moisture in the hair shaft, and therefore, providing long-lasting frizz control. Frizzy and dry hair is also extremely difficult to style, because of its unmanageable and difficult nature. Using a leave-in conditioner can help in making hair smoother, more manageable, and easier to work with to ensure that you can get the best styling results without any hassles. Additionally, you also tame any flyaway hairs, which are a result of static electricity during winters!

Prevents hair breakage

Leave-in conditioners prevent hair damage, especially hair breakage especially during winters when we use hot or warm water to wash hair. Using extremely hot water can damage your hair, but don’t worry! Leave-in conditioners are designed and curated to minimize this damage as they are applied immediately after a shower or a hair wash. Leave-in conditioners also prevent hair breakage by acting as protective barriers between your hair and heat-intensive styling tools. Since they stay in your hair rather than being washed off, they nourish and repair the damaged strands with ease, strengthening them further to prevent hair loss and dry, coarse hair.

Detangles knotted  

An ideal, nourishing leave-in conditioner like Kinky Curly - Knot Today

is made to add softness and smoothness to unruly hair and ensures that your detangling process is shorter and less annoying. If you get knots and tangles easily, investing in a leave-in conditioner will help you get rid of them easier and more effectively. This also ensures that you experience minimum hair damage and breakage during the process to maintain hair quality and volume to the desired level. Additionally, you can tame your hair, make it more manageable, and style it in any way you wish to!

Protection from environmental damage

Excessive exposure to the sun or pollution and smog that are prevalent especially during the winter months can damage your hair without you noticing or realizing it. This can cause color fading, brittleness, split ends, and matted hair. The extreme change in temperature: from the cold winds outside to the dry heat indoors can leave the hair rough and dry. Therefore, leave-in conditioners can help reduce and minimize this silent damage by coating each and every strand with the nourishing ingredients it has to give you beautiful, healthy hair with minimum effort.

Available for all hair types

Leave-in conditioners are versatile and super adaptive. Hence, it is no surprise that they come in different forms for different hair types. For people who use heat-intensive hair styling products and appliances daily, leave-in conditioners such as Inahsi Aloe Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner offer heat protection to prevent heat damage. People with oily scalps can use leave-in conditioner such as Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner, the Curl Keeper Slip Detangler, or the Rizos Curls Detangler Spray- all of which are foam or spray based. If you have dry and frizzy hair, leave-in conditioners in the form of thick creams and oils are available to not only protect hair but also lock in moisture and hydrate your hair sufficiently. We recommend Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Cream and Curlsmith Curl Conditioning Oil-In-Cream for best results. Hence, leave-in conditioners are made to adapt to every hair type easily and in the most effective way possible!

Leave-in conditioners are designed and curated to nourish, moisturize and hydrate your hair even after a hair wash, unlike conventional conditioners and serums. They are also a heat protectant that can help in repairing the damage caused by heating or other hair products as they work overtime to protect your hair. You can buy some of the best leave-in conditioners for curly hair in India at NYNM. Find a variety of leave-in conditioners suitable for wavy & straight hair as well.

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