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Curl Up

Curl Up

Curl Up is a brand passionate about crafting perfect hair care solutions for your curls.
Curl Up believes curly hair is a unique asset that deserves to be embraced and celebrated in its natural form. The brand aims to provide premium quality, natural hair care products tailored specifically for Indian curly/wavy hair types. With years of dedication, Curl Up perfected the formula, carefully selecting ingredients that make your hair beautiful from the inside out. Curl Up's cruelty-free products have been tested on curly heads, never on animals. They are committed to being all-natural, using botanical ingredients, and ensuring our products are 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicones free. Sourced from the finest ingredients worldwide, including the USA, UK, Sweden, Japan, and Brazil, Curl Up offers the best for your curls.

NYNM Organics Pvt. Ltd., curator of natural, consciously created hair care solutions, is the authorized online seller of Curl up These natural hair care products are purchased from Curl up or authorized Curl up distributors and are 100% genuine.