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The Tribe Concepts

About the Brand: The Tribe Concept is a clean beauty brand founded by women andĀ run by women. They are doing their bit to empower women by giving support to women at all levels - from handpicking the ingredients to shape up a product, women have been a quintessential part of the journey.Ā Treat you hair to a line-up of pure, ayurvedic, results-driven, hair care formulated by vegan and natural ingredients handpicked from the Indian soil.Ā 
Where the ingredients come from:Ā Bringing you haircare straight from theĀ Tribal Forests of India. These products are made from ingredients picked upĀ from the fertile, pesticide-free soils of the Godavari Belt, sourced in a pollution-free environment!Ā TheyĀ are formulated and made up of pure organic extracts of plants and roots.Ā The Tribe ConceptĀ practicesĀ sustainable sourcing of ingredientsĀ from Girijan corporations and local farmers.Ā