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7  tips for curly hair to turn up the volume

7 tips for curly hair to turn up the volume

Posted by Kriti Chopra on

When it comes to curly hair, bigger is better. If you have curly hair, you know one of the biggest challenges you face is to ensure it looks voluminous and full. This is a hassle especially if you have fine hair or if it is low in density because then it dries like a wet blanket- too close to the head, matted and flattened out, lacking the oomph that curls distinctively have. Well, the good news is you can turn up the volume and make your curly hair more voluminous and luscious through these 7 tips curated to help you achieve that Instagrammable look!

Clarify your hair from the roots

Keeping your roots clean is the key when it comes to adding volume naturally to your hair. If your hair is perennially flat from the roots, there are chances that it is being weighed down by product buildup. This can be a result of using moisturizers and conditioners or even residue from hard water. Therefore, the first step towards getting the volume of your dreams is to clarify and clean your hair from the roots. By removing anything and everything that’s holding your hair down, you give it a space to breathe and expand. Naturally You & Me website brings you some of the best clarifying shampoos in India from various international and Indian brands like Bounce Curl Clarifying Shampoo, Kinky Curly Come Clean, Flora Curl Clay Wash

Rinse your hair upside down

This is a simple yet effective trick when it comes to making your curly hair more pompous and voluminous. Rinse your hair upside down, either in the shower or in the sink, whichever method is convenient for you. This helps you in achieving more lift from the roots, and helps you prevent the classic hair pyramid, which is a very common and inconvenient condition. By tipping your head forward and allowing the water to run over your roots, your curls start to clump up instead of flattening out. Additionally, this method also helps in getting rid of the shampoos, conditioners, and their residue which might be in the roots to ensure your hair is cleaner and has ample space to breathe and expand.

Mousse to the rescue!

 Mousse is one of the best products for volume, and when it comes to curly hair, it is a lifesaver! A mousse is a lightweight product that can help in lifting your hair and make it more voluminous while also ensuring that it is sufficiently moisturized and hydrated. If you’re using heat styling products for your curly hair, you can maintain and enhance the volume by using a lightweight mousse that not only protects your hair from any heat damage but also makes your hair more manageable for better and easier styling. Mousses come in different variants to ensure that you have a wide variety to choose from, and we recommend Mielle Organics - Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse or Curls - Avocado Hair Mousse which helps you in achieving a better curl definition!

Use root lifting products

Root lifting or volumizing products such are designed to enhance the texture and appearance of your curly hair from the roots to the tips. Distribute the product evenly by massaging it into damp hair, and separate gently. The best root lifting products, such as the Innersense- I Create Volume  and Innersense Volumizing Foam add hold and stiffness to the roots so that they don’t flatten out. This doesn’t weigh your hair down, and instead, helps in making it look plumper and adds an extra oomph to your beautiful curls!

Fluff and pick

This is the oldest and a super effective method that requires no fancy tools. Simply fluff your hair from the roots using your fingers while holding your head upside down. For the picking method, use a pick or a stick to separate it from the roots if you have tighter coils.

Prefer diffusing over air-drying

While there are several ways to style the hair, there are just two ways you can dry your hair. You can either let the natural air do the job of drying or use a diffuser. Diffusing is a popular method when it comes to drying curly hair. In this method, an attachment such as Rizos Curls Collapsible Diffuser is used to gently and effectively dry your curls without causing any heat damage. This diffuser attachment is designed to disperse the airflow of a blow-dryer, in order to reduce frizz and dry your precious curls gently. Although air drying does not involve heat and sounds natural, diffusing has its own pros over air drying. Diffusing helps in keeping the curl pattern intact and enhancing volume of your curls significantly. 

Clip the roots

Clipping is a popular method used for curly hair to make it more voluminous and bouncy. This method of using clips at your hair roots is used to make your beautiful curls gain more height and volume naturally. Simply apply your favourite styling product, lean out on to one side, and grab a small section from the roots. Clip the roots gently with a hair clip and continue till you cover the entirety of your curls!

Try these fool-proof tricks and tips to make your beautiful curly locks more voluminous and fluffy without extra effort or spending a bomb!

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