Curlyn - Satin Scarf (Printed) Square
Curlyn - Satin Scarf (Printed) Square
Curlyn - Satin Scarf (Printed) Square
Rs. 389.00

Curlyn - Satin Scarf (Printed) Square

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Size: 53 by 38 inches (Rectangle Scarf)

Size: 36 by 36 inches (Square Scarf)

All scarves are single sided


  • The versatile scarf design allows you to style it in multiple ways.
  • It’s made from durable and soft satin fabric.
  • Style it around your neck, head, wrist, bag or even your hat!
  • Chic angled cut at the ends.

How to use scarf for nighttime protection

  • Fold your scarf diagonally to make a triangle.
  • Place the long side of the triangle at the back of your neck. Pull the sides up to frame your hair and tie into a knot at the front of your head.
  • Pull the tip of the triangle up to the top of your head, tucking all of your hair into the scarf.
  • Tuck the tip of the triangle to the front knot.

Customer Reviews

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Saloni Kapur
Did not suit my hair at all
I Love this product for my hair!
Good scarf but not working for me

It's a beautiful scarf and very good quality. But when I wrap my hair in it at night, I end up with my head feeling heavy. I eventually take it off at some point during the night. It triggers my underlying neck and shoulder pain. This method of curl protection isn't working for me.