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Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry

From the lush fields of Kashmir to the intoxicating mountains of the Nilgiris, from the mineral rich Dead Sea to the majestic Alps, we travel great lengths to source the finest and the most nutrient rich ingredients the region has to offer. These rich & exotic ingredients are skillfully incorporated into our products using our precise manufacturing techniques, bringing together the delicate balance of powerful active ingredients with exceptional functionality. At JC, the formulations are carefully created with a blend of essential oils, butters, base oils and botanicals, each serving as a powerful nutrient source for our hair. In our kitchen, the thumb rule is clear, to use simple yet effective ingredients. haircare should not be complex. It should be as simple as eating healthy. In our quest to craft products that are in its purest and raw form, we replaced petroleum and petro-chemical based derivatives with natural ingredients. We understand the physical and chemical properties of each ingredient and how they complement each other during our formulations. As a result, our products offer maximum therapeutic benefits upon application. What distinguishes JC from other commercial skin care brands is that while we are committed to using only all-natural ingredients, we do not sacrifice the effectiveness of the product. We believe that nature’s bounty is not only plentiful but also has the answers to most of our ailments!