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This natural styling custard will leave your curls moisturized, defined and oh so shiny. The panthenol along with the rich oils of avocado and coconut help to strengthen the hair. This curl defining custard provides a light hold without leaving your hair dry or crunchy. It is also great to sleek down edges.

How to Use:

For wavy-curly hair types: Shampoo and condition hair. Section hair and detangle each section using a Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler. Apply gel to hair quickly and evenly, working it in deeply with your fingers. For more defined curls, scrunch or twist your hair. Flip hair upside down and scrunch product in evenly to create more volume.

For curly-kinky hair types: Shampoo and condition hair. Section hair and detangle each section using a Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler. Apply light oil to each section and then pull gel through hair from root to tip. Re-wet hair for any dry sections.


Purified Water, Methylcellulose, Hydrolyzed Oats, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Optiphen Plus, Natural Fragrances.


Expiry Date: Aug 2023
Country of Origin: USA
Name of the Brand: Inahsi LLC
Address of the Brand: Inahsi LLC,525 N.Broadway,Unit 1774,Aurora,IL,US

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Custard with quirks

In my three years of CGM journey trying different products, this custard is by far the most I have had to work with to get it to behave like the product is intended. I have used this custard for a few months to properly review and see how it performs. Like few reviews have already stated; this thing is difficult to emulsify. Introducing water actually makes it worse. Forget emulsifying, the water leaves even more bits of the custard that can’t be worked through the hair. So clearly the common way of getting some product and then add water to that product wasn’t working with this custard.
Honestly if not for the non user friendly experience, this product itself wasn’t bad. The ingredient list is simple and works great for high humidity weather. There is protein as well which my hair really loves. But man when I compare how easily I can apply kinky curly custard without all this jugaad, it really makes it a tedious task to constantly work with this product.
So in case you end up struggling with this same problem then maybe try this - Completely DRY YOUR HANDS before scooping out the custard. Rub the amount in your DRY PALMS for few secs to warm it up and have the product spread out. Once it’s covered your palms leaving no chunky custard look THEN you introduce water. Keep the tap flow low so you can control the process introducing water to the amount you would like. Doing this roundabout way has worked for me to actually use this custard thankfully.

Anita S.
Flaky Product

I have a 3a/3b curls. The custard is terrible and does not emulsify well. I tried three washes and all three it left white flakes after drying. It gives a good hold but leaves your hair dry.

Hi Anita,

We are sorry to learn that the custard didn;t work for you as expected. Usually a product flakes when there is a clash of ingredients from another underlying product. You could try with some other combination of stylers to see if it works :)


Raushni Iyer
2B 2C Bleached Hair

I have bleached hair, not highlights - but full on bleach. Mainly coz I wanted pink hair, I loved the colours I got to try but I hate the damage it has done.

This custard was exactly what I needed. I have recently started out on my curly journey and so I did not understand why gels were not working for me.

They made the bleached part of my hair frizzy as soon as they were applied and made it impossible for me to style.

Then I saw this post on insta by nynm explaining gels and Custards, so I thought to try it out.
And dayum! It was a game changer for me.
I needed that extra moisture with the hold on order to cut down wet frizz.
I generally do a leave in, curl cream, custard and gel now.
I can go for 4 days but I like to wash on 3.
The weather is Bombay does not make for unwashed hair. 😂

I am truly happy with this product, it smells a bit like coconut but not overpowering and you need just a tiny bit to emulsify and then apply.

You can even brush style (behairful or wet brush that is nylon and boar bristle) to give you super definition and low frizz.

Try it - it changed the way I do my hair.

Vidya Iyer
Custard with an odd viscocity

I bought this custard for a one and done. IT works alright but I have so much trouble just emulsifying the product before applying. Maybe i am not getting the right technique to do it. have tried with less qty too but the custard doesn't emulsify well with water and half of it slips off my hand while applying. Somehow after you apply it does work well. No hard cast but well defined soft curls. I like the result of it.

Not smooth

The Inashi products breakdown very fast it seems. So it's very difficult to smotth them into your hair, wet or dry.

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