Our Birth


Naturally You & Me was born with an idea to create a community of Indian women who love their hair. So if you are one of us, We are glad that you are here !!

Much like you, Our founders too had great hair texture but had to struggle for long to find the right hair care products which were made of natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals.

The natural products available in India were either limited or were way to expensive.

Driven by our passion for helping Indian women find the right natural products for their hair types at the right prices, we started Naturally You & Me

At Naturally You & Me we study & research products from across the globe who claim to be all natural & free of chemicals. After a detailed study of ingredients and user reviews, we bring only those products to our online store which we believe are truly natural and will help nourish the hair texture of Indian Women.

All our products are made up of Natural Ingredients & are CG friendly.

Almost 3000 customers have engaged with us since our birth and the feeling of being able to get them solutions to their hair problems in the form of either products or advice is very satiating

Thank you for your love and for being a part of this community !!