Curly Affair!! Tips and Tricks

Curls are unpredictable and that's the beauty of them. They're not perfect, yet they're perfect just the way they are. When it comes to styling your curls, the sky is the limit whether you prefer to elongate and define each curl or you're cool with embracing some natural frizz and just want next-level volume.

Curly hair has one Great Commandment: Thou shall not brush thy hair when it is dry!

Curly hair has Second Great Commandment: Thou shall apply styling products on dripping wet hair for best results!

To lend some clear direction, we're bringing to you some styling tips according to the gathered from various Indian curly experts like Anjana Muralidharan, Asha Barrak and Pallavi Juneja!!

Washing Your Hair: 

    Wet your hair. Apply a sufficiency of cleanser to your palm and massage it into your scalp ONLY. Do not rub it throughout your length. The detergents in shampoos can be very drying, and if you don’t have oil in your hair to protect it you will abrade and possibly even burn the shaft.

    As you rinse the shampoo from your hair, continue to massage the scalp to help remove any buildup.

    Now load up your hair with the conditioner. Even if you plan to rinse it out, you still want use the moisture in the conditioner to help release the knots in your curls and relax them gently so that you can comb your hair. Distribute the conditioner very generously and rake the product through your hair. Then follow with detangling your hair with a wide-toothed comb. 

    Rinse out all the conditioner from your hair. Incase you want don't use a leave in conditioner, you may not want to rinse out all the conditioner from your hair and then proceed to styling.

    Leave Ins:

    1. Leave In Conditioner
    2. Curling Cream/Activator
    3. Gel 

    Cream stylers are ideal for people with dry hair that is thick and naturally voluminous. If you have fine hair you will likely want to avoid creams because they can be heavy and weigh your hair down. They can also make fine hair appear oily and limp. A little tends to go a long way.

    So a Leave in conditioner moisturizes you hair which inturn helps you while styling your well hydrated and moisturized curls. 

    After applying the Leave In Conditioner in an upward scrunching way, Curling cream or curl enhancers can be used to help your curls define their curl pattern.

    Lastly you end with applying an alcohol and silicon free gel that will in turn define and outshine your beautiful curls without any frizz.

    Gels, in general, have the main function of holding and setting the hair, and that goes for straight or curly hair. Select a hair curling gel with moisturizing, botanical ingredients (not having drying alcohol and bad polymers) and apply it to your hair when it’s soaking wet, scrunching out the crunch when it’s completely dry. Viola!!! Great looking hair is here :)