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Manetain India

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Manetain Heat caps are made from organically grown flaxseeds that are spread out in small triangle patterns. This results in the heat sustaining for a longer duration. Microwaving the heat cap for 3 minutes ensures heat retention for up to 40 minutes.

Heat caps are your best friends when it comes to locking in moisture. It is extremely good for those undergoing the transition from chemically treated hair to natural hair texture.

Heat cap enhances your deep conditioner's performance and helps in strengthening your hair. Indirect heat opens your hair cuticles and helps the product to penetrate deep into your hair shaft.  

Heat caps can also be used for:

  1. Hot oil treatments
  2. Reducing period cramps
  3. To get relief from cold and headache 
  4. Doubles up as an ice pack

How to Use:

  • Apply your deep conditioner on wet/dry hair.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap.
  • Microwave or use the double boiling method to heat the heat cap.
  • Put it on and wait for the magic to happen!

Doing a deep conditioning treatment using a heat cap at least once a week is recommended to see better results. 

Please note that these heat caps are NOT WASHABLE.

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Good quality

I was not sure when I bought this but it actually do what it claims. Its easy to use as you just have to heat it for 2 and half minute nd it will last for 15 minutes and than reheat it again nd its actually good product . Must buy it everyone

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